THST 607 - Topics in the Gospels: John
Graduate Seminar - Fall 2001

Weekly Schedule

In each meeting of our seminar (Wednesdays 7:15 - 9:45 p.m.), we will do several different things:

  1. discuss the scheduled primary texts, incl. their structure and vocabulary (in Greek and English);

  2. consider historical (Brown), literary (Culpepper), theological and other aspects from the secondary readings;

  3. incorporate insights from various commentaries (a different one for each student) and other scholarly books;

  4. investigate the Fourth Evangelist's depiction of one or more of the main Johannine characters;

  5. analyze how some uniquely Johannine scenes have been portrayed in various works of art.

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Primary Reading



Secondary Readings

Aug. 29

[Course Intro]

Four GospelsPBS Video,

You, I, and We

E.N.T.E.R. - NT Resources
Johannine Literature Web

Sept. 5

John 1-21

The Fourth Gospel

Jesus & the Author(s)

Brown, 5-91
John vs. the Synoptics

Sept. 12

1, 2, 3 John

Johannine Community(-ies)

Johannine Cmty Leaders

Brown, 93-182
Outlines of the Johannine Letters

Sept. 19

John 1

Christology and Discipleship

John [the Baptist]

Culpepper 1-49, 99-148
The Johannine Prologue

Sept. 26

John 2

Signs and Believing

Mother of Jesus [Mary]

Culpepper 51-98
The Johannine "Signs"

Oct. 3

John 3

Use of Scripture in the FG

Nicodemus & Pharisees

Culpepper 149-202
Amen, Amen Sayings in John

Oct. 10

John 4-5

Women in the Fourth Gospel

Samaritan Woman & Villagers

Brown 183-198
Culpepper 203-237

Oct. 17

John 6-8

Jewish Groups & Jewish Feasts

Peter & the Twelve

Divino Afflante Spiritu (Pope Pius XII encyclical)
"I Am" Sayings in John

Oct. 24

John 9-10

Blindness, Light, Sin

Man Born Blind

Dei Verbum (Vat. II: Dogmatic Constitution)
Jews in the Fourth Gospel

Oct. 31

John 11-12

Life, Resurrection

Martha, Mary, Lazarus

"Historical Truth of the Gospels" (Pontifical Biblical Commission)

Nov. 7

John 13-17

Love, Mutual Indwelling

Disciples, Paraclete

"Interpretation of the Bible in the
(Pont. Bibl. Comm.)

Nov. 14

John 18:1-19:16

Passion, Death

Annas, Caiaphas, Pilate

"Interp. Bible/Church" (cont.)

Nov. 21

John 19:17-20:31

Resurrection, Eschatology

Mary Magdalene

S. Schneiders, "The Encounter of the Easter Jesus with Mary Magdalene"

Nov. 28

[no class] -- -- --

Dec. 5

John 21:1-25

FG Redaction

Beloved Disciple

Revelation, Transmission, Scripture (Catechism 51-141)

Dec. 12

Final Exam Week

Summary & Conclusion;
(Final Project Presentations)




Primary Reading



Secondary Readings

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