THST 607 - Topics in the Gospels: John
Graduate Seminar - Fall 2001

Seminar Presentations

1) Character Analysis - for instructions, see chapter 5 in Alan Culpepper, The Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel: A Study in Literary Design (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 1983).

2) Art Analysis - for possible works of art, see the professor's compilation of "Art and Images related to John's Gospel"

3) Word Study - for samples, see the appendices in Raymond E. Brown, The Gospel According to John I-XII & XIII-XXI (2 vols.; AB 29 & 29A; Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1966-70).

4) Book Review - for samples, see the Society of Biblical Literature's "Review of Biblical Literature"

Date /

Character Analysis

Art Analysis

Word Study

Book Review

Sept. 19:
John 1
Felix:  John the Baptist Felix:  John the Baptist
esp. di Paolo & Grünewald
Lyn:  logoV, word, etc. Barbara:  Fulco, Maranatha
Sept. 26:
John 2
Rosemarie:  Mother of Jesus George:  Wedding at Cana Colby:  shmeia, signs .
Oct. 3:
John 3
Caroline:  Nicodemus . Nancy:  pneuma, spirit .
Oct. 10:
John 4-5
Nancy:  Samaritan Woman & Villagers Caroline:  Samaritan Woman . Lyn:  Ball, "I Am"
Oct. 17:
John 6-8
J.J.:  Pharisees . George:  bread, food, eating Rosemarie:  Duke, Irony
Oct. 24:
John 9-10
Colby:  Man Born Blind J.J.:  Man Born Blind (Icon)
Colby: Man Born Blind (
Caroline:  fwV, light, dark, etc. .
Oct. 31:
John 11-12
Lyn:  Martha, Mary, Lazarus Lyn:  Raising of Lazarus  Barbara:  service, servant, slave Nancy:  Conway, Men & Women
Nov. 7:
John 13-17
. Colby:  Christ Washing Peter's Feet 
Rosemarie:  disciple, follow, etc. J.J.:  Köstenberger, Missions
Nov. 14:
John 18:1-19:16
Barbara:  Caiaphas / High Priests Rosemarie:  Passion Narrative (Dore) . Caroline:  Heil, Blood and Water
Nov. 21:
John 19:17-20:31
George:  Mary Magdalene Barbara:  Christ on the Cross (Michelangelo) . .
Dec. 5:
John 21:1-25
. Nancy:  Christ Appearing to 
Mary Magdalene
J.J.:  agapaw, filew,  love Colby:  Ravindra, Christ the Yogi
Dec. 12 [Final Project Presentations] -- -- --


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