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Introduction / Purpose: Many other websites provide easy access to the scripture readings assigned to particular Sundays and/or weekdays in the lectionaries of various Christian denominations (see my LINKS page). For the full texts of biblical readings used in the Roman Catholic liturgies, see the website of the USCCB.

In contrast, this website provides comprehensive tables of the scripture readings from several Latin and English editions of the Catholic Lectionary for Mass, so that you can easily obtain an overview of all the readings used in a particular liturgical season (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter) and/or in a particular year of Ordinary Time (Sundays in Years A, B, C;  Weekdays in Years I & II). Cross-references and comparative analyses are also provided to enable you more easily to see the differences between various editions of the Lectionary for Mass. For printed editions of the Lectionary and related resources, see also my Bibliography page.

Rudolf Koch: Christian Symbols


An Introduction to the Liturgical Year

A Brief Introduction to the Lectionary

The  Lectionary  for  Mass  (1998/2002 USA edition)

The Lectionary: Sundays and Solemnities  (1992 Canadian edition)

The Lectionary for Mass  (1970 USA edition)

The Roman Missal  (Pre-Vatican II edition)

A Bibliography of Lectionaries and Related Resources

2020 was Sunday Cycle A and Weekday Year II;  2021 is Sunday Cycle B and Weekday Year I;  2022 will be Sunday Cycle C and Weekday Year II.
2023 will be Sunday Cycle A and Weekday Year I;  2024 will be Sunday Cycle B and Weekday Year II;  2025 will be Sunday Cycle C and Weekday Year I.

NOTE: The new "Liturgical Year" always begins on the First Sunday of Advent, between Nov. 27 and Dec. 3, not just on Jan. 1.

Liturgical Seasons:

An Overview of the Advent and Christmas Seasons

How Long is the Season of ADVENT?

The "O Antiphons" for Advent

Movable Feasts during the CHRISTMAS Season

Forty Days and Forty Nights of LENT

Use of the Acts of the Apostles during EASTER

Gospel Readings during the Sundays of ORDINARY TIME

Analyses, Comparisons, and Overviews:

Scripture Index for Lectionary Readings: Sundays and Major Feasts

Scripture Index for Lectionary Readings: Weekdays

Lectionary Statistics: How Much of the Bible is Used in the Lectionary for Mass?

CALENDAR of Lectionary Cycles and Movable Liturgical Feasts (1969 to 2100)
newly expanded with fifty more years!

An Overview of Sunday Readings from the NT Acts and Epistles

An Overview of the First Readings for Weekday Masses

Common Responsorial Psalms and Alleluia Verses

Lectionary Readings from the Deuterocanonical Books of the OT

Lectionary Readings from MARK's Gospel

Lectionary Readings from the Book of REVELATION


Sacramentary Supplement 2004:
New Memorials and Feasts for the Universal Calendar and for the Particular Calendar of the Dioceses of the United States of America

JESUIT Lectionary
Readings for Celebrations Proper to the Society of Jesus

Readings for Special Masses for the Jubilee Year 2000


Liturgical Reading Introductions and Conclusions

Ways of Reading the Bible, with an Introduction to Lectio Divina

Basic Steps for Biblical Preaching  &  Resources for Preaching


Different Contents of the First and Second Editions of the Lectionary

Different Editions of the Catholic Lectionary for Mass

Color Scheme for Highlighting Differences on the Lectionary Charts

Analysis of the Differences between the 1970 and 1998 United States editions

Analysis of the Differences between the 1992 Canadian and 1998 United States editions

Johannine Literature in the Lectionary for Mass:

John's Gospel used on Sundays and Major Feasts

John's Gospel used on Weekdays and Special Masses

Texts of John's Gospel NOT used in the Lectionary for Mass

Johannine Epistles used on Sundays, Weekdays, and Special Masses


Downloadable Audio Program on the Lectionary for Mass:

(authored by Fr. Felix Just, S.J. - produced by Learn 25 / Now You Know Media)

The Catholic Lectionary 101: Every Catholic's Guide for Liturgy, Prayer, and Spiritual Growth
Original Title: "The Lectionary: A Treasure for Liturgy and Prayer"
(18 audio lectures, 25 min. each, with a Written Guide)



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