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over 240 photographs by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

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Contents of These Pages:

Tiber River, Tiber Island and environs (27 photos):
  • Tiber Bridges, incl. Pons Fabricius (w/ Quattro Capi), Pons Cestius, Pons Aemilius, and Pons Mulvius
  • Tiber Island, incl. Church of San Bartolomeo and evidence of ancient Asclepius shrine
  • Descriptions and dates of all ten ancient bridges
Statues and Temples of Asclepius, the Healing God (27 photos):
  • several statues from the Vatican Museum and from the Naples Archaeological Museum
  • various Asclepius statues and shrines in the Borghese Gardens, Rome
  • evidence of the ancient Asclepius shrine on the Tiber Island, Rome
The Arch of Constantine  (30 photos):
  • general overviews of the East and West Façades
  • close-ups of the Friezes, Medallions, and Statues
Roman Forum and Arch of Titus  (41 photos):
  • Temples of Saturn, of Vespasian, of Julius Caesar, etc.
  • Curia,  Rostra,  Lapis Niger,  Column of Phocas, etc.
  • Temple and House of the Vestals
  • Basilica of Aemilia, of Julia, of Constantine
  • Arch of Septimius Severus;  Arch of Titus
Roman Colisseum (Flavian Amphitheater)  (12 photos):
  • Exterior and Interior Overviews
  • Close-ups of Some Details
Imperial Fora and Trajan's Column  (11 photos):
  • Temple of Minerva
  • Temple of Mars Ultor
  • Trajan's Column
  • Relief Maps of Ancient Rome
Palatine Hill and Other Sites Around Rome  (16 photos):
  • Sites on the Palatine Hill
  • Round Temple at the Forum Boarium
  • Pyramid of Gaius Cestius

Ostia: The Ancient Port of Rome  (33 photos):
  • The Synagogue at Ostia
  • The Capitolium and the Forum of Ostia
  • The Theater and the Forum of the Corporations
  • Temple of Cybele in the Campus Magnae Martis
  • The Mithreum of Felicissimus

Pompeii:  esp. the House of the Surgeon  (18 photos):
  • House of the Surgeon
  • Model of Pompeii, Naples Archaeological Museum
  • Other Views in and around Pompeii
  • Two Inscriptions in Latin and English Translation

Herculaneum: at the Foot of Mt. Vesuvius (28 photos):
  • Exterior Views of Streets and Buildings
  • Remains of Charred Wood
  • Ancient Villa overlooking the Mediterranean

Maps and Illustrations from Samuel Ball Platner's
The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome (1904)
  • Maps of Ancient Rome, and Rome ca. 1900
  • Plans of the Roman Forum and Imperial Fora
  • Plans of the Capitoline and Palatine Hills
  • Sketch of the Tiber Island
  • Four Ancient Construction Methods

Most of the photos on the above pages were taken in March 1994 during a two-week study tour of Rome and Southern Italy.
Thanks to the Department of Religious Studies at Yale University for a grant that covered many of our travel expenses.
Thanks to my colleague, Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, for contributing some additional photos, as noted in each case.
Thanks also to Bill Thayer (see his Lacus Curtius) for several corrections and helpful comments,
and to several of my student assistants at LMU for help in maintaining this website.

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