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SCTR 19 – "Religions of the Book" – Spring 2007

Fr. Felix Just, S.J.
Dept. of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University

Resources for Religious Studies
Reference and Research Materials you can access
through SCU's Library website and/or elsewhere on the Internet

I) Use the SCU Library Homepage ( to access the following materials:

Research Guides: From the drop-down menu, select “Religious Studies,” and follow the two links provided there.

  • Electronic Databases for Religious Studies Research – some links helpful for finding journal articles
  • Brief Guide to Library Resources in Religious Studies
    • The “Online Resources” section was updated Sept. 2006, and has very good recommendations.
    • Reference Resources” lists some good encyclopedias available in SCU Library reference area
    • Note: Some reference works are NOT (yet) available online, so you’ll have to go to the library
      to use valuable resources like the Anchor Bible Dictionary and the Encyclopaedia Judaica.

Electronic Resources: Many of these materials are copyright protected, so must be accessed through SCU.


II) Elsewhere on the World Wild Web:

  • Wikipedia is getting better and better, but some sections still need improvement, so use it with due caution!
  • Google & other Search Engines can find millions of websites; but be careful to ascertain their quality and biases!
  • - my own website, with lots of biblical, liturgical, theological, and other religious materials; see esp. my Basic Bibliography for Biblical Studies.


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