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SCTR 19 – "Religions of the Book" – Spring 2007

Fr. Felix Just, S.J.
Dept. of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University

 Term Project/Presentation Guidelines

Overview:  Students will select a current-events topic that is related to one or more of the religions we are studying and follow that topic throughout the quarter. You should build up a “portfolio” of news articles from various sources (print & online), and discuss how the story has developed by the end of the term in [a brief written and/or oral report] a 30-minute oral presentation during the last two weeks of the quarter.

  • Your topic should be current: something currently or very recently in the news.
  • It should be comparitive: somehow involve all three religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) from some perspective.
  • It should be scriptural: find out how the beliefs and practices are justified by or based on the scriptures of all three religions (Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Qur'an, respectively).


  1. Choose Topics (by Monday, April 9) – Decide what topic/issue you wish to follow in the news throughout this quarter and to do some extra research about for your presentation. The instructor will schedule the presentation dates after all topic proposals are submitted.
  2. Begin Research; Consult the Peer Educator; Meet with the Instructor – Start gathering information, both from secondary sources (newspapers, magazines, library books,. online materials, etc.) and from primary readings (Bible & Qur'an); make an appointment to meet with one of the Peer Educator (and/or the Instructor), who can help you define your topic more precisely and find reliable resources and relevant readings.
  3. Submit Reading Selections (by Monday, May 21 or earlier) – Submit a list of which passages from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Qur’an (several brief selections, with about 50 verses from each of the three religious traditions) you want all the students in your class to read in advance of your presentation. Also, select two or three short secondary readings (news stories; magazine or encyclopedia articles; webpages, etc). The instructor may make some modifications, to avoid overlap. To find specific scriptural passages related to your topic, see the "Concordance" in the back of the Catholic Study Bible, the "Index" in the back of The Holy Qur'an, and the links provided on our course website.
  4. Prepare Your Presentation – Decide what you want to present to the class, and how. Try to involve the whole class in some brief discussions and/or activity. Prepare some supporting materials to enliven your presentation (PowerPoint, handouts, and/or other electronic format); EMAIL your Peer Educator and/or the instructor whatever supporting materials you plan to use at least 48 HOURS in advance, so we can correct any major errors and suggest some improvements before you give your presentation!
  5. Present Your Topic (June 1-8) – Each presentation should be 30 minutes, with about 20-25 min. for content and about 5-10 min. for discussion or other activity.

For Step #3, email me the following information (as provided on the handout in class):

SCTR 19 – “Religions of the Book” – Spring 2007

Name _________________________________

Proposed Readings for Project/Presentation (due Monday, 5/21/07)

Presentation Topic:

Primary Readings (give references for about 50 verses from each of the scriptures for the respective religions):

  • Readings from HB:

  • Readings from NT:

  • Readings from Qur’an:

Secondary Readings (give full bibliographical info for a few brief selections, either one for each religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), or even better, one or two that actually compare two or three of the religions, as applicable to your topic):




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