The Pools of Ancient Jerusalem
photos by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D. - taken February 1994

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The Pool of Bethesda 
(see John 5)




Israel6-06 Israel6-07

Archaeological remains...

of the ancient double-pool...

that was a 
healing shrine...
due to its 
abundant water...
near the modern
Church of St. Anne.
Israel6-08 Israel6-09 Israel6-10 Israel6-11 .
Sick people came
to this pool...
known for its
five porticoes...
in the Hellenistic
and Roman eras...
to be healed
of their illnesses.

The Pool of Siloam
(see John 9)

Israel6-23 Israel6-20 Israel6-21 Israel6-22 Israel6-19
View downhill
towards Siloam
Entrance gate
to pool today
Stairs down
toward pool
Overview of 
today's pool
Next to a
private building
Outlet of King
Hezekiah's Tunnel


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