Structural Outlines of the Fourth Gospel
by Rev. Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

The Sabbath Healing at the Pool of Bethesda (5:1-18)
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1-5: Introduction: a feast of the Jews; in Jerusalem; at the Sheep Gate; a pool called Bethesda;  a large number of ill people, including a man ill for 38 years.

6-8: First Dialogue (Jesus and the Man):

9b-13: Second Dialogue (The Jews and the Man):

14-15: Third Dialogue (truncated: Jesus and the Man):

16-18: Fourth Dialogue (truncated: The Jews and Jesus):

The Ensuing Monologue by Jesus (5:19-47)
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Part I (19-30): Jesus' Works: Giving Life and Exercising Judgment

Note: The first half of this passage (vv. 19-24) focuses more on Jesus' work in the present, while the second half (vv. 25-30) focuses somewhat more on his work in the future. 

Part II (31-40): A Series of Witnesses to Jesus

Part III (41-47): A Series of Contrasts about Praise and Believing

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