The Millennium Cometh:
Apocalypse and Utopia in Bible, Sociology and Literature
Profs. John Coleman, S.J. (Sociology),  Felix Just, S.J. (Theology),  Holli Levitsky (English)
Loyola Marymount University - Spring 2000

Superman Adventures Featuring New Gods
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"Tools of the Trade"

Bruno Mannheim wants to destroy Superman. He and his Intergang terrorize Metropolis with high-tech weapons supplied by Kanto, an agent of Darkseid who strikes a devil's bargain with Bruno, leaving him deeply indebted to Darkseid yet well equipped with weapons that can destroy Superman. Will Superman triumph over this new evil?
"The Prometheon"
A giant humanoid creature with incredible strength and heat-sapping abilities, falls to Earth and now threatens the planet. Superman has to fight the creature's advances and send it back into outer space.
"Father's Day"
Kalibak, son of Darkseid and Orion's half brother, arrives in Metropolis to kill Superman, and subsequently show his ability as a warrior to his father.
"Apokolips ... Now!" Part One
Darkseid brings his battle against Superman to Earth. While all looks hopeless, Orion, an escapee from Apokolips' firepits, teams up with Superman to defeat Darkseid's advances.
"Apokolips ... Now!" Part Two
Steppenwolf, a hunter from Apokolips, joins Darkseid in his battle to take over Earth, which results in a crushing blow to Metropolis and Superman -- the death of Dan Turpin.
"Little Girl Lost Part I"
While Superman is exploring the remains of his home world of Krypton, he finds a teenage girl who is the last survivor of Argos, a sister planet of Krypton who's civilization was destoyed when Krypton exploded. He brings her to Earth where she discovers that she has superpowers like Superman's. Wanting to prove herself, she single-handedly takes on Granny Goodness and the rejuevinated Intergang.
"Little Girl Lost Part II"
When Granny Goodness calls upon her Female Furies from Apokolips for help, Superman comes to his "cousins" aid. When the Furies capture Superman and take him to Apokolips, it is up to Supergirl to rescue him. She must free him before Earth is destroyed by a deadly comet which has been directed to Earth by Darkseid's minion, Granny Goodness.
"Legacy Part I"
Darkseid strips Superman of his memory and adopts him as a son in an effort to take over Earth.
"Legacy Part II"
Darkseid strips Superman of his memory and adopts him as a son in an effort to take over Earth.

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