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Resources for Liturgy and Prayer
for the Seasons of
Advent and Christmas

[Updated with Advent 2019 Resources]

The Nativity of Our Lord

The ADVENT Season:

Advent is the liturgical season that precedes and prepares for Christmas. It is a season of hope and of longing, of joyful expectation and of peaceful preparation. Many symbols and traditions are associated with Advent, especially the Advent Wreath with its four colored candles (three purple and one pink), but also Advent calendars, special Advent music, food, processions, and other traditions that may vary from one culture or region to the next. Here are a few interesting things to know about Advent:

Advent Music:

In addition to the countless songs, carols, and hymns for Christmas (see for example "Christmas Songs and Hymns"), there is also much good, thematically appropriate music for Advent,
not just "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" (which really ought to be saved for the last eight days of Advent - click here to learn why).

Traditional Hymns and Chants Contemporary Songs and Albums

Click the above titles for lyrics and/or tunes,
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  • A Voice Cries Out (Michael Joncas)
  • Advent Gathering (Gary Daigle)
  • Advent Gathering Rite (Francis O'Brien)
  • Advent Suite (John Michael Talbot)
  • Advent/Christmas Gospel Acclamation (David Haas)
  • Adviento (Jaime Cortez)
  • Alleluia! Hurry, the Lord is Near (Ernest Sands)
  • Beyond the Moon and Stars (Dan Schutte)
  • By Heart: Seasonal Songs (Tony Alonso / Gabe Huck)
  • Christ, Circle Round Us (Dan Schutte)
  • Come, Lord Jesus (M. D. Ridge)
  • Emmanuel (Steve Angrisano)
  • Every Valley Shall Be Exalted (Bob Dufford, SJ)
  • God Comes Tomorrow (John Bell)
  • Lectionary Psalms for Advent/Christmas (C. Kelly)
  • Let the King of Glory Come (Michael Joncas)
  • Let the Valleys Be Raised (Dan Schutte)
  • Like Winter Waiting (John Foley, SJ)
  • Lord Emmanuel, Come (Peter McGrail)
  • Lord, Make Us Turn to You (Leon C. Roberts)
  • Maranatha (Gerard Chiusano)
  • Maranatha (Tim Schoenbachler)
  • Maranatha (G. Westphal)
  • Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus (Janet Sullivan Whitaker)
  • Patience, People (John Foley, SJ)
  • Prince of Peace (Dan Schutte)
  • Ready the Way of the Lord (Bob Hurd)
  • Ready the Way (Curtis Stephan)
  • Stay Awake, Be Ready (Christopher Walker)
  • The Advent of Our God (James Hansen)
  • The Whole World Is Waiting for Love (Marianne Misetich)
  • Tryin' to Get Ready (Janèt Sullivan Whitaker)
  • Vigil: Christmas (Tom Conry)
  • Wait for the Lord (Taizé)
  • Waiting in Silence (Carey Landry)
  • We Shall Prepare (Mark Friedman / Janet Vogt)
Full Albums of Advent Music



Christmas is the annual feast commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, a little over 2000 years ago. For Christians, it is not just a single day (Dec. 25), but an extended liturgical season of joy and celebration, involving many different symbols and traditions, special music and activities, which vary significantly among different countries and cultures. Here are a few interesting things to know about Christmas:

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