Structural Outlines of the Fourth Gospel
by Rev. Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

Jesus at the Festival of Booths (a.k.a. Tabernacles or Sukkoth; 7:1-52)
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PART  I:  The Beginning of the Feast (7:1-13)

PART  II:  The Middle of the Feast (7:14-36)

A: Jesus Teaches in the Temple (vv. 14-24)

Narrator: In the middle of the festival week, Jesus went to the temple and taught (v. 14)

B: Various Groups Argue about Jesus (vv. 25-36)

PART  III:  The Last Day of the Feast (7:37-52; continues in 8:12-59)

A: Jesus Preaches about Living Water, the Spirit (vv. 37-39)

Note: we might have expected the Johannine Jesus to say, "I am the living water...", which he never explicitly says in this Gospel.

B: The Crowds Argue about the Messiah (vv. 40-44)

C: The Authorities Argue about Jesus (vv. 45-52)

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