The Old Testament in Relation to St. John's Gospel
by Paul Fraser



Culpepper, R. Alan.  Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel: A Study in Literary Design.  Philadelphia: Fortress, 1983.

Dodd, C. H.   The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980.

Very useful for the review of theological themes in the Fourth Gospel.  Particularly detailed information on Talmud and Midrash.
Glasson, T. F.  Moses in the Fourth Gospel.  Naperville: Alec R. Allenson, 1963.
This text looks carefully at the wilderness motifs and connections with John's Gospel.  There is ample discussion on the role of Moses and the connection that may exist between Christ and the Torah.
Guilding, A.  The Fourth Gospel and Jewish Worship: A Study of the Relation of St John's Gospel to the Ancient Jewish Lectionary System.  Oxford: Clarendon, 1960.
Guilding looks very closely at the Festivals of Judaism and the way in which the Scriptures are chosen for each of these.  This can be helpful  in both speculating about and in understanding John's use of the Old Testament, especially given the frequent reference to Festivals in the text.
Hanson, A.  The Prophetic Gospel: A Study of John and the Old Testament.  Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1991.
An exceptionally useful text which explores not only the instances of Old Testament usage by John but also discusses the manner in which John uses the OT.
Watson, A.   Jesus and the Jews: The Pharisaic Tradition in John.  Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1995.
Watson is generally interested in the sources which John uses,and the first six chapters of this book contain a few concrete references to the Old Testament.
Westermann, K.  The Gospel of John in the Light of the Old Testament.  Peabody: Hendrickson, 1991.
This is a very short book which does not go into detail about any particular part of John's Gospel.  The strength of this work, from the perspective of this web-site is to draw parallels between the structure of the Old Testament and the way in which these structures influenced the evangelist in his work.
Witherington, B.   John's Wisdom: A Commentary on the Fourth Gospel.  Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1995.
This work offers a comprehensive exegesis of the Gospel.  The author draws frequent comparisons between John's work and the Wisdom Literature of Israel.  He also synthesises the work of many Johannine scholars into a very intelligible format.

Brinsmead, R.  "Law" and "Commandments" in the Gospel of John -
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