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The Book of Revelation, Apocalyptic Literature, and Millennial Movements

THST 398 - The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature - Fall 1999
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The emerald throne scene in Heaven (Rev 4:2-11)
The opening of the sealed scroll (Rev 5:5-14)

(Images by artist Pat Marvenko Smith, from the "Revelation Illustrated" Website. Used here with permission.)
(Check out their Gallery for 35 different images related to the themes of the Apocalypse)

Contents of this Webpage and Related Pages:
Charts, Lists, Glossaries, and Summaries
Student Research Projects
Course Syllabus  - Spring '99
Detailed Class Schedule - Spring '99
Guidelines for Written Exercises
Guidelines for Student In-Class Presentations
Art and Images Related to the Book of Revelation
Links to other Revelation/Apocalyptic/Millennial Web-sites and Materials

Charts, Lists, Glossaries, and Summaries

Basic Biblical Information:

#1 - A Glossary of Important Terms for NT Studies
#2 - The New Testament Canon
#3 - The Hebrew and Christian Bibles
#4 - English Translations of the Bible
#5 - Basic Bibliography for NT Studies - Updated and Expanded!
#6 - A Basic Guide to the "Bibloi" Program

Historical and Theological Information:

#7 - An Overview of Israelite, Jewish, and Early Christian History
#8 - Christological Titles in the NT
#9 - Descendants of Abraham;  Twelve Tribes of Israel
#10 - The Book of Daniel - Historical Study Materials

Book of Revelation Materials:

#11 - Various Outlines of the Book of Revelation - Updated and Expanded!
#12 - Artistic Depictions of Scenes from Revelation (sorted by chapter) - Newly Compiled!
#13 - The Number of the Beast: Some Fun with 666 - Brand New Page!
#14 - Numbers in the Book of Revelation - Finally Done: Take a Look!
#15 - Definition of "Apocalypse" - from Mitchell Reddish
#16 - Map of Asia Minor - by Mike Campbell

Student Research Projects - Fall 1998

Apocalyptic Literature & Films
Edgar Cayce
Hal Lindsey
Filmed Interviews of Students
Apocalypticism in Modern Media
Apocalyptic Movements
Branch Davidians / Seven Seals
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jack van Impe Ministries
Children of God / Family of God
Jonestown / People's Temple
Catholic Teachings and Movements
Documents of Vatican II 
Catechism of Catholic Church 
Pope John Paul II's Writings 
Tertio Millennio Adveniente
Bayside / Our Lady of the Roses

 Student Research Projects - Spring 1999

Apocalyptic Art and Films:
Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Art
Apocalyptic Films: The "Omen" Series
Six Modern Apocalyptic Films
More Apocalyptic Films 

Apocalypticism in Modern Religion:
Revelation in Parochial Schools

Apocalyptic Literature:
Dolores Cannon and Nostradamus
John Hagee
Grant R. Jeffrey
Pope Felix IV - A Futurist Apocalypse 

Apocalyptic Technology:
The Y2K Problem

Apocalyptic Movements:
Year 1000 Apocalypticism
Aum Shinri Kyo (Japan) 
Chen Tao (Garland, TX; now Buffalo, NY) 
Church of the Subgenius (Texas) 
Concerned Christians (Denver, CO) 
Heaven's Gate (San Diego, CA) 
Children of the Light (fictitious)

More Ideas for Future Student Research Projects

Apocalyptic Literature
James BeauSeigneur (novels) 
T. Davis Bunn (novel) 
Ed Dobson (predictions) 
Michael Drosnin (Bible codes) 
Daymond R. Duck (predictions) 
Kenna E. Farris (predictions) 
John Hogue (Nostradamus) 
Peter & Patti LaLonde (predictions) 
Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins (novels) 
Paul Meier & Robert Wise (novels) 
Chuck Missler (UFO's) 
Richard W. Noone (5/5/2000) 
Frank E. Peretti (novels) 
Lori Adaile Toye (new age)
Apocalyptic Movements:
Pat Robertson 
Temple Mount and Land of Israel Movement 
Sacerdotal Knights of National Security 
Church of the Subgenius 
House of Yahweh (Abilene, TX) 
Unarius Academy of Science (El Cajon CA) 
Morningland (Long Beach CA) 
Elohim City (Muldrow, OK) 
The Brethren (Boston, MA) 
Twelve Tribes of Israel (New York) 
Meade Ministries (Lake City, FL) 
COC Mission (Seoul, Korea) 
Wake Up America Seminars (asteroids)
Eschatological Teachings of Other Religions:
Mainline Protestantism 
Modern Judaism 

Computer Y2K Problem:
Ted Hall ("Beat the Beast") 
High 54 Ranch (Concho Lake, AZ) 
Heritage West 2000 (White Mountains, AZ) 

[source for some of the above: NY Times Magazine, 12/27/98, pp. 40-43  --  for more on the Y2K problem, see also Time Magazine, 1/18/99, pp. 60-75]

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