Catholic Bible Institute in the Diocese of Orange

Loyola Institute for Spirituality, Orange, CA
co-sponsored by
Institute for Pastoral Ministry, Diocese of Orange

Syllabus for Year One (2016–2017): New Testament

Books for Orientation Session and Year One: New Testament

1) Dei Verbum, “Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation” (Vatican II;
2) Ronald D. Witherup, S.S. Biblical Fundamentalism: What Every Catholic Should Know. Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 2001.  ($14.95; LIS new $12; used $8)
3) A good recent “Study Edition” of the Bible (with extensive introductions, notes, maps, etc.):
     3a) Anselm Academic Study Bible: Catholic Edition. Edited by Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, and Leslie Hoppe, OFM. Anselm Academic Press, 2013.  ($39.95; LIS $38; ppr $34.95)
     3b) Catholic Study Bible. 3rd edition. Ed. by Donald Senior, CSP, John Collins, & Mary Ann Getty. Oxford University Press, 2016.  ($49.99; ppr $39.99; Amazon 30-40% off)
4) A good recent introductory textbook for the NT:
     4a) Certificate: Raymond E. Brown. An Introduction to the New Testament. Doubleday, 1997. ($75; Amazon $16 - $58)
     4b) Certificate: Mark Allan Powell. Introducing the New Testament. Baker Academic, 2009. ($45; Amazon $25) – free related website:
     4c) Enrichment: Margaret Nutting Ralph. A Walk through the New Testament. Paulist Press, 2012. (ppr $19.95; LIS new $15; used $10)
5) Kurt Aland. Synopsis of the Four Gospels: English Edition. American Bible Society, 1982. ($50;  LIS new $35; used $20-25)
6) Other recommended biblical resources:

Reading and Writing Assignments for Monthly Sessions during Year One: New Testament

General Information and Handouts for Year One:

August 20: Orientation Session: Principles of Catholic Biblical Interpretation

September 17: Introduction to the NT  &  Gospel according to Mark October 22: Synoptic Problem & Gospel according to Matthew November 19: Luke’s Two-Volume Work December 17: Johannine Christianity January 21: Paul’s Early/Undisputed Writings February 18: Deutero-Pauline Letters/Epistles March 18: Hebrews & Catholic Epistles April 29: Book of Revelation JUNE 3: New Testament Theologies & Early Christian Writings

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