Links to Other Sites About the Year 1000

Center for Millennial Studies ( - This site has the most depth and expanse in information concerning the year 1000 CE, as well as loads of information on the upcoming millennium.  This site is run by Richard Landes, a professor of medieval history and millennial studies at Boston University and at the Center for Millennial Studies.  A great site with lots of information and links.

Felix Just, S.J., Home Page ( - Fr. Just's site has many different listings concerning the classes he is teaching, but look under the class entitled "Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature."  There is tons of great material here concerning the Book of Revelation and other apocalypses.  It also has lots of links to other sites, especially ones with artwork from the Book of Revelation.

Religious Tolerance Home Page (  - This site contains a variety of materials concerning world religions and religious tolerance.  In addition, the site boasts a great number of historical writings from different religions, and even materials on apocalypticism and millennialism.

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