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Life at the Ranch

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Daily Activities 

A Typical Day:
Began around 5:30 AM with a communal breakfast.
Men would work on building projects or running obstacle courses or any other form of intense physical exertion.  Often they were denied food or water during this time.
Women would take care of children, wash clothes, grow food, and were forced to march in formation 3 times a day.
There were arbitrary rules about what and when to eat.
Children were disciplined through strong physical punishment.
Social activities often took place, including field trips.
Bible studies ocurred almost nightly for hours on end.

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Talk about a typical day

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House of David 

In Aug. 1989, Koresh receives the revelation of "New Light"

* All earthly marriages are to be annulled

* All women belong to Koresh in "spiritual marriage" in order to create a "pure" House of David, where only his "holy seed" would create new life

* This would bring about the small number of Christians required for the Second Coming to occur

* Used Song of Solomon to justify his actions

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    One of the most controversial aspects of life at the Ranch was the huge stockpile of weapons, legal and illegal, accumulated by the Branch Davidians.  These weapons were supposedly kept to be sold for profit, but the Davidian's possession of weapons fits in very nicely with their vision of apocalyptic warfare.  Eventually, these weapons led to their destruction...

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Doomsday Cults

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