Students of the Seven Seals
The Lamb

Pat Marvenko Smith's "Revelation Illustrated"

Early Childhood     Growth of interests   David Koresh, Lamb


Early Childhood 
Vernon Wayne Howell was born to a single, 15-year-old mother in 1959
He was raised by his grandparents and had a very lonely childhood
He was dyslexic, earned poor grades in school, and eventually dropped out of high school
He was very interested in music and in the Bible
He had large amounts of biblical passages memorized, especially those of apocalyptic nature

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Vernon Wayne Howell

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Growth of Interests 

Howell was introduced to Seventh-Day Adventists by his mother and was soon expelled from the church
Attempted to launch a heavy metal music career in Hollywood but failed miserably
Joined the group centered in Waco, TX at Mt. Carmel
Experienced his first revelation from God.  Also had an affair with Lois Roden, priestess of the General Association of Seventh-Day Adventists
Led an international recruitment drive for his own religious branch
Took over the church at Mt. Carmel after a gun brawl with George Roden, son of Lois

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David Koresh, Lamb 
Howell changed his name to David Koresh
* David refers to King David of whom Jesus was a descendant
* Koresh is the Hebrew name for Cyrus, who was the Persian king that allowed Jews to return to Israel after the Babylonian Exile

*  Koresh believed he was the Lamb of Revelation 5 because he received revelations from God in how to interpret the seven seals needed to be broken in order to open the scroll.

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