Students of the Seven Seals
Annotated Bibliography

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Branch Davidians

"David Koresh and the Branch Davidians" at:   --Links to sites about Koresh and the Branch Davidians

Hidden Manna, "Seven Seals Revelation Book One" at:  --Excerpts from book "Seven Seals" written by a living survivor, that contains New Light

Hidden Manna, "Seven Seals Revelation Book Two" at: --Continuation of the above site

"History of the Branch Davidians" at:  --Origins and brief history of the cult

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, "Branch Davidians (Students of the Seven Seals)" at:  --History and beliefs of the Branch Davidians

"Outline of Branch Davidian Teachings" at:  --Includes new revelations

ParaScope, "The Last Will and Testament of the Branch Davidians" at:  --Excerpts from interviews that contain the last saying of Waco victims

PBS Frontline, Waco: The Inside Story, "Biography: Clive Doyle" at:  --Short biography of a Waco survivor and continuing Branch Davidian

PBS Frontline, Waco: The Inside Story, "Interview Exerpts: Clive Doyle" at:  --Excerpts from interview with Waco survivor

Post, Kimberley, "Branch Davidians" at:  --In depth history and beliefs of Branch Davidians with links to related sites

David Koresh

alt.culture, "Koresh, David" at: --A short bibliography of David Koresh

Arnold, Phillip and James Tabor, "The David Koresh Manuscript: Exposition of the Seven Seals" at: --Includes text of Koresh's final revelation in progress when the compound burst into flames

"Koresh Quotes" at:  --Actual quotes from Koresh

PBS Frontline, Waco: The Inside Story, "Biography: David Koresh" at:  --Short biography of Koresh

PBS Frontline, Waco: The Inside Story, "Transcript: Book of Revelation Discussion" at:  --Excerpts from conversation between Koresh and an FBI negotiator, concerning the book of Revelation

"Strange Coincidences Between David Koresh and Jesus Christ" at:  --Fun facts

The University of Texas at Arlington, "Koresh Doctrine" at: gopher://  --Transcript and anlysis of radio broadcasted message of Koresh during the siege

Mt. Carmel

Connecticut College Magazine Online, "Why Waco?" at:  --Excerpt from book containing ideas of a college professor about what the FBI could have done differently

ParaScope, "Waco Photo Gallery Index" at: (no longer online) --Photographs of the remains of Mt. Carmel

Ross, Rick, "Waco: Waco Davidians, Branch Davidians, and David Koresh" at:  --Different views about the siege and its outcome

Tobias, Daniel, "A Brief Stop at Mount Carmel" at:  --Photograph tour of the remains of Mt. Carmel, includes related sites

Related Sects

Into All the World Wide Web, "The Ellen G. White Web Site" at:  --Information about the writings of the founder of the Seventh Day Adventists

Mt. Carmel Center NY, "Shepherd's Rod Message" at:  --Contains information about the movement begun by Victor Houteff, known as the Sherpherd's Rod

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, "Seventh-Day Adventist Church" at:  --History, beliefs, and practices of the Seventh Day Adventists, including lists of important literature about the group

The Branch

Pace, Charles J., "The Branch, The Lord our Righteousness" at:  --Homepage of the Branch, a splinter group of the Branch Davidians, that formed after the siege

Pace, Charles J., "David Koresh: The Man, The Myth, The Prophecy Fulfilled" at:  --Site about Koresh maintained by members of the Branch cult

Other Related Sites

Ontario  Consultants on Religious Tolerance, "Doomsday, Destructive Religious Cults" at:  --Links to pages of doomsday cults

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, "The Rapture: Hoax or Hope?" at:  --About different beliefs about what will occur at the time of the Rapture, containing biblical references

Smith, Pat Marvenko, "Revelation Illustrated" at:  --Artist's interpretation of the book of Revelation

Magazine Articles

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