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Seventh-Day Adventists 

Three major doctrinal deviations from Christianity:
The written word of Ellen G. White is said to be inspired by God and is considered a source of truth.
They deny the concept of innate mortality.
They believe in the imminence of the Second Coming.

Other major differences from Christianity:
Observe the Sabbath on Saturday.
Highly stress good health, especially vegetarianism.
Put a big emphasis on pacifism.

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Ellen G. White

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Branch Davidians 

* They believe in the doctrine of "New Light" and "Present Truth".

* They put strong emphasis on the revelation of the seven seals from the book of Revelation.

* They believe we are presently living in the end times.

* The identity of the Lamb from Revelation chapter 5 is he who opens the scroll; that Lamb is David Koresh.

* The fact that the meanings of the seals are revealed to a member of their church (David Koresh) confirms that they are God's chosen people.

Recent Revelations:

* It has been revealed to them that the Second Coming will occur in 2000.

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