Renaissance Art in the Gospel of John

Art Work

The purpose of this web site is to allow the viewer to glimpse into the minds of five notable Renaissance artists.  By observing their works, we can begin to understand the importance of the Gospels to 14th, 15th, and 16th century art.  In our web site we have focused specifically on artwork influenced by the Gospel according to John, which we found to be scarce in the world of Renaissance painting.

On our web pages you will see some of the world's most beautiful paintings.  In addition to these paintings, you will find short biographies of the artists, and brief critical analyses of the works.  Also, you may find it helpful to view our interpretations of the art in relevance to John's Gospel, but you may find you have your own contributions to make.  Enjoy the site!

  These pages were created by Suzanne Quinn and Veronica Frausto 
Theological Studies 305:  The Four Gospels and Jesus  (Fall 1999)
Fr. Felix Just, S.J.
Loyola Marymount University