Antichrist is Fatally
Wounded and is
Miraculously Healed

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request of the Artist]


Satan  Unknown Artist

Hagee believes that the Antichrist will be fatally wounded by describing how "one of its heads seemed to have received a death blow" (Rev.13:3). With this death blow the AntiChrist will fall to Hades.  In Hell, the Antichrist will make a deal with Satan who in turn will send him back to earth.  The Antichrist will be miraculously healed in front of the whole world who watch in awe, thus increasing his hold over all the nations.

In this area Hagee fails to see the historical background of this passage in Revelation. A more analytical interpretation shows that the author of Revelation was referring to Emperor Nero who committed suicide in 68 C.E. It was a wide spread belief that Nero would return from the dead. It is obvious that Hagee totally disregards the historical circumstances in which this passage was written for.

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