10 Nation
Under the Antichrist
(European Union)

Antichrist, Artist Unknown   from /www.infidels.org/~meta/apple/

Hagee points out that the statue portrayed in Nebuchadnezzar's Dream  perfectly describes the empires that would rule the earth from the time of the Babylonian king until the end of the world (Daniel 2:31-35). According to Hagee the ten toes of the statue will be some sort of European Confederation. Hagee claims that the Antichrist will spring from one of these European groups. The mixture of the confederation will be composed of autocracies and democracies from the old Roman Empire and Hagee believes that this consolidated union of ten nations (European Union) will exist in the last days.

Hagee claims that the Antichrist is the "little horn that arises in between the 10 horns"---->10 Kingdoms  of the Roman Empire (Daniel 7:8).

When Hagee cites Daniel 7:8 he fails to mention who the authors of Daniel were actually referring to when they were writing of the "little horn".  The "little horn" refers to Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who disposed of other claimants to his throne. The 10 horns refers to the line of Rulers in the Seleucid Dynasty which ruled Syria after the death of Alexander the Great. It is interesting also to note that there are currently more than ten member nations in the European Union.

Beginning of the End (32-43)
Final Dawn Over Jerusalem (134-137)

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