(Kings of NSE)
And the Conquering Messiah

Kings of the North, South and East United to Destroy Israel
Russian Forces 
Chinese Forces
Islamic Forces
Conquering Messiah
Spectre   by Chris Garrand

Hagee describes this battle as a culmination of a desperate three and a half year campaign by the Antichrist to fend off challenge after challenge to his world rule. Hagee believes the armies of the world will confront the Antichrist at Armageddon over the issue of oil (Daniel 11:40-45). Hagee predicts that when the armies of the world converge upon Armageddon, their objective will change from defeating the Antichrist to uniting with him and attacking the armies of the Messiah that ascended into heaven during the Rapture. In the end the armies of the Messiah will triumph over the united forces of the Antichrist (Rev. 19:11-21).

Hagee once again uses fantastic predictions to explain biblical passages that have no reference to any of his claims. All of his predictions on this passage are drawn from speculation and have no basis historically.  Nowhere in Daniel is there any reference to "oil" as the driving force of this invasion, nor is there any symbolism in Daniel that can be interpreted as being oil.  If Daniel saw "oil" as one of the major factors for this conflict, is it not logical for Daniel to at least create a symbol for oil or even mention this in any of his passages?  Daniel was specifically writing to an audience of his time and was dealing with issues relevant to the era in which he was writing. It is important not to forget the historical context of Biblical texts.

Beginning of the End (173-181)
Final Dawn Over Jerusalem (159-161)

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