"Sinless Sex: God's first commandment to man in the first book of the Bible is, 'Be fruitful & multiply & replenish the earth!' (Gen 1:28) -- or, 'Thou shalt have sex!' Think of that! Sex was God's first commandment to man! -- And to have sex was man's first obedience to God!"
"Sex is not Evil after all, but a wonderful gift from God to be freely and fully enjoyed in the right relationships! The Devil was not responsible for sex & it was not a result or part of the fall, but was created & instituted by God in the very beginning as His Creation for you to enjoy. -- Not only to enable you to have children, which is a wonderful part & result of it, but also to have a fellowship with the ones you love."
"Through Jesus and his salvation and the freedom of his spirit, by the grace of God, we have regained the liberty and the freedom of the Garden of Eden!  And that's the only way anyone can get back to such freedom--the original freedom, sinlessness, perfection, liberty and openess of the garden--by first getting back to perfect fellowship and a relationship with God and belief in his word, faith in him, and in his creation."
"It's all really judged by your motives, by your heart. God now only judges us according to whether we have love, or selfishness and lack of love. If you know you're acting in love, then you can go ahead by faith concerned."
"Go ahead and masturbate and/or make love with all your might and thank God for it! And don't be afraid to explode like an atom bomb. Girls, even if your legs go straight up and hit the ceiling or your body bangs the bottom of the bed, but take care lest the neighbors hear your screams of delight and shrieks of pleasure and think someone is killing you! Enjoy yourself! It's later than you think."
"Unless people are sexually happy and sexually satisfied, they are not going to be fully satisfied and fully happy, so sex is a very important part of life! Even if you're saved and have Jesus, and all of your other needs are taken care of, you must be happy sexually or you're not going to be fully happy. It's a perfectly normal appetite like eating or drinking or any other appetite, a bodily need that must be satisfied just like any other physical need. As we've already explained, God himself made sex and our sexual organs and created the very nerves and senses which give us such pleasure. And he intended for us to enjoy sex just as much as any of our other physical activities."

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