The Children of God/The Family
Sources and Links

1. Magazine Sources

"Badly Kept Family Secrets." Inset Article: "If it Feels Good, It Must Be Right." Alberta Report/Western Report (May 8, 1995). -- Social workers raise the alarm that a notorious pseudo-Christian sect (COG) has reappeared.

"The Family: COG Founder Berg Dead at 75." Christianity Today (January 9, 1995). -- Children of God founder, David Berg died in November, 1994, at the age of 75.

"Note on Church-State Affairs: Australia." Journal of Church & State (Winter, 1994). -- The Australian police took 120 children from the group known as the COG in Sydney and Melbourne.

"Chill Reminders of 'Free Love.'" Alberta Report (September 27, 1993). -- An Argentine incest bust spurs gruesome memories in Alberta, Canada.

"Children of God Case Settles." Legaldate 6:3 (July 1994). -- Authorities in Victoria and New South Wales raided homes of the religious sect, COG, under suspicion that the children were being sexually and emotionally abused.

"Not a Normal Family." Maclean's (September 20, 1993). -- Canadian sect of COG faces allegations of sexual child abuse.

2. Internet Sources (Note: These links will not be updated after 1999, so some many be broken) -- The official Family web page. Contains the history of The Family, tracing origins back to the Children of God; also an activity report, an end of time page, and an allegations and response page. -- Several sections briefly summarize many questions asked about the Family. -- A very brief summary of the Children of God, with a few reasons one is given to join the cult. -- A profile report of the Family, with links to other Family web pages and a reference. -- Several different topics, including the controversial Children of God cult; briefly tells about the history and some controversial issues. -- Biblical Texts from the First Epistle of John in which the author calls Christians "the Children of God" -- A "Profile" of the Children of God, with sections on their history and doctrines.

3. Books and Literature

Roy, Michael. The Future Foretold, Family Care Foundation. Orange, California; 1997. A guide through modern day apocalyptic possibilities as seen by The Family.

Berg, David. Growing in Faith, Family Services. Zurich, Switzerland; 1985. An insider guide to The Family and a more in depth analysis of differing philosophies they hold.

4. Music

The Family Band. The Lion, the Dragon & the Beast. Aurora Productions: Dallas, Texas, 1994. A compact disc with songs of an apocalyptic nature using quotations from scriptures as their basis.

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