The Mo Letters

"That was what was really my calling and what the Lord had designed me for and ordained me for from the very beginning! To write Letters to feed and lead his children." (Berg, GIF p.9)
David Berg, known as Mo (Moses), founder of "The Children of God" (presently "The Family"), was a self-proclaimed prophet of God. He claimed to reside in the Spirit of the Lord while receiving his divine messages, while his handmaiden, Maria, took down his dictations during trance-like states in which he generally did not remember later.
"The Bible to most young people today is an ancient book and even an ancient language, and they can't even understand the old English and peculiar expressions. They don't know anything about it or its history and they can't understand it, but they can understand my letters."

(Berg, GIF p.11)

David believed that since the youth of this age were uninterested and incapable of understanding the Bible, his commission from God was to write a new form of the Bible that better suits the lifestyle of today. As a divine prophet the words he received directly from God would explain the applications of the Bible for them.

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