Why do you think Chen predicts a "Noah's Ark" type flood, when God states in the Bible that he will never again destroy the earth by flood?  Do you think this is inconsistent since the group says their beliefs are consistent with Christianity?
The Bible makes it clear that only God knows the date for the end of time (Mark 13:32).  Do you think it is therefore improper for Dr. Chen to speculate on the exact date and time?
Do you think it is possible to have Christian beliefs, but not believe in the words of the Bible?  Are the two mutually exclusive?
During the time of Jesus, many people thought his ideas and predictions were nonsense.  Do you think it is possible that Dr. Chen's predictions may not seem as bizarre in several hundred years?
What do you think of Chen Tao believing that God wants to save all people and not judge them, yet predicting that two-thirds of the earth's population will be destroyed in the great tribulation?  Does this seem contradictory to you?
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