chen_a.jpg (14454 bytes)    Dr. Chen is the leader of Chen Tao.  He dresses in white clothing because, he claims, God will be clothed in white upon descent to Earth.

chenread.jpg (25619 bytes)     Dr. Chen at a press conference.

chenstone.jpg (27572 bytes)     Policemen surround Dr. Chen after he offered the reporters to stone or crucify him for ten minutes.

chen_members.jpg (29664 bytes)     Chen Tao group members raise their hands to show that they support Dr. Chen.

group_c.jpg (23928 bytes)     From left to right: Two boys who are the reincarnations of Buddha and Jesus Christ, Dr. Hon-ming Chen (leader of Chen Tao), and Richard Liu (spokesperson for Chen Tao, and translator for Hon-ming Chen).

chensun.jpg (18102 bytes)     Dr. Chen demonstrates that he is God by staring directly at the sun.   A mere mortal, he explained, would have been blinded.

ring.jpg (14057 bytes)     Dr. Chen uses a diamond-studded ring to both send and receive communications with God.  Chen holds his hand a short distance in front of his face to speak into the ring.

gazebo.jpg (22025 bytes)     This gazebo is used as an "altar" for feeding spiritual light energy into the world.  The altar contains assorted fruits and vegetables.   According to Dr. Chen (pictured), merely viewing this photograph will be a blessing for the viewer.

invisible_ufo.jpg (21791 bytes)     Visible/invisible UFO which can hold up to 100,000 people.

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