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Founder: Hon-ming Chen
Year Founded: 1993
Where: Taiwan

Leader Chen founded the group at Pei-pu, Taiwan, claiming that it was the one place on earth where "the inexhaustible light of the Grand Way" could flow from heaven.

1995: Chen and 140 members immigrate from Taiwan to San Dimas, California.  Whether other members remained in Taiwan is unknown.
Mid - 1997: The group relocates to Garland, Texas, due to messages that Chen reportedly received from God and because, according to Chen, it is the site where God chose to descend and create human beings nine million years ago.

March, 1998: Chen gives several press conferences announcing that God will come to Garland by the end of March, 1998 to save us all.  This prophecy fails and some members return to Taiwan.

May, 1998: Half of the members return to Taiwan due to problems with their visa.  The other half relocates to Olcott, New York.

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March, 1999: Only 30 members have remained with Chen in Olcott, New York. 
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