Utopic photographs are images that capture the essence of Utopic ideals. Rich in serene and surreal subject matter, Utopic photographs continue forward, where philosophical writings and ideals leave off. They are glorious images of places found, colors combined, and pictures creatively made. They are black and white, natural, and share a vision of peace. While the boundaries forged in this category are loosely formed through artist interpretation, they all share an emotional, thoughtful desire to illustrate the nowhere, the perfect place. The Utopia of the mind as seen by the lens, is glorious when put on film. While most Utopic photographers choose to select earthly natural landscapes and plains as the subject of their pictured peace, many have altered the images after processing, adding qualities that make them surreal. Splashes of color, the combining of separate photographs, and the addition of shadows and contrast are all vices for adding texture and emotional boosts to the frame. These images often appear elevated in ideals, taking you away from an earthly plane, as only images of an artist can do in their creative, unusual way. They create a feeling of heavenly consciousness that put the mind at peace. Free from the wary distractions that plague the modern world, these Utopic visions feel timeless. An audience is allowed to see and feel more. Every cloud has shape, every tree its own texture, portraying a beautiful awareness of life. Many of these images go hand in hand with Utopic readings and are free of dystopic disdain for unoriginality, lack of character, and vicious cold structure. These images, as created by the photographers, are truly Utopic.

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