There are some artists who create surreal imagery, and some who capture an image that later is looked upon as surreal, without altering any part of the picture at all.  These artists use various methods to create certain moods through finding beauty, abstractness, peacefulness, and fantastic elements in the world, and turning them into art that will portray a utopic vision. 

There are many kinds of utopic photography. A few examples are landscape and portraiture.  Through my exploration of many photographic works, here are the names of my favorite photographers whose images have taken fantasy and introduced it to reality. Some images are altered or staged, but others are not touched at all. Some are landscapes, others are architectural, and still others involve portraiture. 

Please note that I have categorized all of these photographers as "utopic", with no other subcategories.  Please also note that the images I have chosen are only a few of the utopic images out there in the world. Take a look...


What is Utopia?

What is Utopic Photography?

Utopic Photographers

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Steven Hays
Bill Agee
Bob Bennett
Daniel Minick
Joachim Frederick
Debi A. Scott
Georg Hess Phillip Dawson
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