Saint Thomas More (1477?-1535)
  • Born in London, England.
  • Studied at Oxford University.
  • Began legal career in 1494.
  • Royal Councilor and Ambassador, 1518.
  • Knighted and made Under-treasurer in 1521.
  • Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster from 1525-1529.
  • Made Lord Chancellor in 1529.
  • Imprisoned for refusing to swear to the Oath of Supremacy, a ruling stating that King Henry VIII ranked higher than all foreign rulers including the Pope.
  • Convicted of high treason on false evidence.
  • Beheaded July 6, 1535.
  • Revered as a great English author, statesman, scholar.
  • Devoted family man.


Saint Thomas More
Utopia - (published in Latin in 1516)
(read full text of Utopia @ Thomas More website-Utopia)

A writing that depicts an ideal society where justice and equality is given to all citizens. With this book, More introduced the use of the word "Utopia" in the English language. 

Other works by Sir Thomas More include:

  • A Dialogue of Discomfort Against Tribulation
  • The History of King Richard III
and various other writings regarding church and state.

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