Will Smith Lyrics


Song: I'm Comin'
Album: Willennium

Ugh, Ugh, I'm comin'
Watch ya back, I'm comin...
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Big Will for the Y2K, ugh

Feel the Earth tremble, see the skies turn red
Eclipses, shooting stars, turn ya head
Volcanoes erupted, rage in the sea
Ain't the second coming of Christ
The first coming of me
They say if you downward the Nile
It would throw off the rotation of the Earth
Well, messing with me is worse
Feel the rain, button up you overcoat
Watch the illadelph bad boy go quote for quote
Well, ya'll want the best, well, I'm right here
You looking for competition, ain't no one near
Ya'll in the stands dissin', kickin' dirt and missin'
My heavenly flows put MC's in hell's kitchen, ugh
And I'm so, I'm so hot, hot, ya'll burnin' up, HOT
I step in, it's like the wedding between Hope and Armaggedon
The Hip Hop Moses to where we headin' y'all

I'm comin', I'm comin,
You can't stop me, you can't stop me,
I'm comin', I'm comin',
Can't hold me back, uh uh,
I'm comin', I'm comin,
You can't stop me, you can't stop me,
I'm comin', I'm comin'

When I was born there was a rainbow formed with no sun
Roy G Bid marking the path for the chosen one
An angel, my grandma, told me before she died
Smart folks don't need to put no cursing in they rhymes
So from CD to TV to movies back to rhymin'
My lifestats makes Jordan's six rings seem common
Ya'll hate, I retaliate, just by being great
Big Will the enemy of your mental state
With the same rhyme I used to burn your idol in a battle
To subdue you into saying, "Look, I don't wanna battle,"
MIB, W3 mad respect
Black stealthbombarama, but y'all can't detect that
I'm comin' is what I screamed
As a teen armed with discipline, faith, and a dream
After smoke clears, after life's roller coasters
See who stands putting his mic into his holster, what!


Batten down the hatches and latch the doors
You wanna try to match my whits with yours
Three hits, I hit you, you hit the floor
This track is the third hit, that's for sure
Beat thick reminiscin' of a bodacelli
I'm like a cheetah huntin' out on the Serengeti
I got my X-ray vision through all in my way
No Plan B, it distracts from Plan A
Stage splitting in half, earthquake style
Evacuate your premisses, the hardcore nemesis
I never miss, my flow never flawed
Grab mics and send electric shocks through the cord
Quest for the rings my only weapon's intuition
My future position's determined by past decisions
So young George Bush, I'm thinking bout runnin'
Maybe not this time, but trust dude, ugh


Song:  Will 2K
Album: Willennium

[Will Smith]
Here it comes the party of a lifetime
31st of December
Man I remember when the ball dropped for 90
Now it's 9-9, ten years behind me
What's gonna happen?
Don't nobody know
We'll see when the clock gets to 12-0-0
Chaos, the cops gonna block the street
Man who the hell cares?
Just don't stop the beat
No time to sleep, yo it's on tonight
K-C you feeling me right? (Yeah)
2-0-0-0, the Will 2 K
The new millennium, yo excuse me Willennium (yeah)
It can't get thicker than this (Big Will)
Slick like Rick I can't miss
(And we gonna party like it's 19)
Hold up it is

Here it comes another year
Come on everyone, new millennium
Here it comes another year
Everyone, new millennium

[Will Smith]
There's a party tonight
Everybody was drinking
The house was screaming
And the bass was shaking
And it won't be long
Till everybody knowing
That twelve o'clock the roof will be blowing
Drinks on me, up the cups, and
Midnight coming at full thrust, and
Dick Clark holding it down, and
The second hand rolling around (Na, na, na, na)
Hundred thousands deep, world wide press
Hate to be the man that gotta clean this mess
Same resolution, get the money
Ain't where we've been, it's where we gonna be
Get ready to hum, hum Auld Ang Syne
Cause a person that know the words is hard to find
First soul train line of the year
Four, three, two, one


[Will Smith]
I remember trying to count how old I'd be
When the clock struck twelve in the year two g
Medianoche finally near
This will be that anthem amongst the cheers
Just the man to usher it in
Big Will bringing the heat
K-Ci bringing the plan
Ringing it in, waiting for the ball to drop
That 2000 vault we breaking the lock
Let hip-hop keep blazing the charts
May the past keep a warm spot in your heart
May the future hold more joy then pain
Hands in the air waiting for confetti to rain


There's a party tonight
Everybody was drinking
The house was screaming
And the bass was shaking
And it won't be long
Till everybody knowing at twelve o'clock
At 12 o'clock
Say what? Say what? Say what? What?


True dat, true dat, true dat
Yo London, uh come on
Yo Bangkok, come on, come on
LA, ha, ha
Come on, say what? Say what?
Yo Philly, come on, hey
Hey Tokyo, come on
Everybody say what now
Say what now, saw what now
Come on, come on, come on


In this album Will centers the millennium hype around him. Thus, he suggests that people should not pay attention to the millennium but to him. In the laughable opening lines of "I'm Comin," he compares himself to the second coming of Christ, "aint the second coming of Christ it's the first coming of me" and the "Hip Hop Moses". Like Nas, he declares himself to be a prophet of rhymes and anyone not listening will face his apocalyptic wrath "messin' with me is worse". On the less narcissistic song "Will 2K," will describes the millennium as a time when everyone will party and have fun, one can only imagine what album Will suggest people should listen to? Like Jennifer Lopez' "Waiting for Tonight," Will eases everyone's worries that the world will end and presents an image of celebration for the new year.