Because of its numerous styles, rock music as a genre does not have a specific view on the apocalypse. 

Heavy rock genres such as metal, death, and goth rock often use apocalyptic imagery and themes and explore macabre subjects. 

The following two examples are offered:

Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine deal mainly with the topic of good versus evil. Evil being corporate and government power and good being the poor and oppressed. Rage seems to suggest that America is heading towards worst times. Rage reminds listeners that our society is closer to a dystopia than a utopia.

Los Angeles as the site for apocalypse?

In their latest release "The Battle Of Los Angeles", Rage express the need for a fight between good and evil in the ambivalent city of Los Angeles. In this album they suggest that everything is not ideal or utopic in L.A and that the poor need to rise up against the powers that oppress them in the new millennium.

Rage Lyrics and Analysis


Slayer delve heavily in apocalyptic themes. Their music expresses a fascination with hell, satan, and the end of the world.
The lyrics often revolt against religion and the art on their covers depict images of tribulation and apocalypse.

Slayer Lyrics and Analysis

Slayer Imagery and possible connections to Revelation

Read an attack on Satanic music here, and find out why Slayer's music is "evil".

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