In 1999, pop music expressed the hype of the new millennium by releasing albums with millennial themes. The following examples will be discussed:

Will Smith

In 1999 Will Smith released his self-indulgent album "Willennium" in which almost everything involved with the millennium, including the word, emerges from him.

Lyrics and Analysis

Jennifer Lopez

In the Spanish version of the video for the song "Waiting for Tonight" we see Jennifer in a new year's eve party in New York. Suddenly the time comes for the ball to drop in Times Square and she stares at the ball in suspense. The world doesn't explode, there is no apocalypse, and the party continues. This shows a positive view of the millennium in that although people will be concerned that the world will end, in Jennifer's opinion, everything will be fine and the party will continue with people celebrating the new year.

See the Waiting For Tonight video here

Backstreet Boys

In their 1999 release "Millennium" the Backstreet Boys have absolutely nothing to say about the event. Showing that they are hip with the times and that they too could cash in on the millennium frenzy of 1999, they release an album which bears little to no significance with its title. Almost all reviews on the net will tell you that their fame has little to do with their music as most reviews talk about their fans, appearance, and impact as opposed to the substance (if any) on their albums. Thus, it appears that to sell a million copies in 1999, all that needed to be done by an already popular group is to put out an album with the name "Millennium".

From Sonicnet review:

"The band seems to be alluding to intimations of mortality with the epochal title of their new album, and in particular with the back cover photo, which shows all five boyz dressed in fly/ angelic baggy white suits, photographed from behind and walking toward some vague point of light in the distance"

We can see that the millennium theme is used as a marking point for the success of the band. As the walk into the future they can only become more divine. So we are left with a vague positive message with arrogant undertones. (Read the entire review here.)

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