Apocalyptic & Millennial
Themes In Music

What does contemporary music say about the end of the world?

How do these views differ in different popular genres?

What social class views do these different genres represent?

This website aims to explore these questions and other themes within the context of apocalypse such as utopia, dystopia and agents that harbor apocalyptic thinking.

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These pages were created by Erick Bedell Cifuentes in partial fulfillment of a theology course entitled
"THST 398 The Millennium Cometh: Apocalypse and Utopia in Bible, Sociology and Literature"
(taught by  Prof. Holli Levistsky,  Prof. John Coleman, S.J.,  and  Prof. Felix Just, S.J. )
at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA,
Spring Semester, 2000.

Any questions e-mail Erick.  Thank you for stopping by.