Listed for each section in order of preference


Exposing Satanism: A very intriguing site that claims that almost all rock music is Satanic.

Links: Comprehensive list of apocalyptic links and resources.

Education: My apocalypse class at Loyola Marymount University.

Busta Rhymes

Official site: Elektra records site with plenty of pictures and information.

Lyrics: One of the best sites for Busta lyrics


The Abysss: complete Slayer site with audio, lyrics, discography and more.

Realm of Slayer: includes pictures, tablature, and lyrics.

Rage Against the Machine

Official site: with links to various revolutionary and political causes.

Rage Against the Machine Fansite:  plenty of text, lyrics and so forth, odd layout.


Offical site: from Sony records.

Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive: lyrics to Nastradamus and discography.

Will Smith

The Will Smith Fan Page: Lots of multimedia, pictures, lyrics, and information on Will's film career.

Will  Listen to Willennium here.

Jennifer Lopez

Official site: fancy layout, music, photo gallery, you can download the video for Waiting For Tonight here.

Backstreet Boys

Aries' & Angel-witch's BSB HeavenRead Page:
Read for yourself here how none of the lyrics in Millennium have anything to do with the event.

Yahoo Search Results: A dizzying list of almost all the sites for this group, most are very similar.

Aphex Twin Lots of audio, video, photos, news, discography and more, nice layout.

Michael Card

Links: His homepage, reviews, and additional information for Unveiled Hope.


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