Rap music often deals with apocalyptic themes that reflect the violence of an environment familiar to the particular artist.

Busta Rhymes "There's only ??? years left!!!"

With albums titled: Extinction Level Event, The Final World Front; When Disaster Strikes; and The Coming, Busta Rhymes is the most apocalyptic rapper out there.

I'll let Busta speak for himself:

"Every album pretty much has a tone that's set that's like a book with chapters that are to be continued. And this is the chapter three of the whole thing that I've been talking about. 'Cause on The Coming I'm [saying] there's only five years left, on the intro to When Disaster Strikes I'm saying there's only two and a half years left. This album starts off saying there's only one year left. "

"I've said before Leaders has always been my foundation. If you go back on my records you can see a thread. The shit I have to say, the true deep shit, can be understood on many different levels, sometimes not hitting you all at once. I feel now, I've got to create more of an effect because the clock is ticking on shit we can't even grasp, yet."

"I just know it's a combination of shit that could affect our lives to the point where it's bringing about the end of civilization as we know it. A lot of things that we've been used to seeing our whole life will completely stop. I feel when this new 2,000-year period begins ... I don't know exactly when it's gonna happen, but I know that this is the time frame that every holy scripture has prophesized about, so there's got to be some significance if every form of information is identifying with the same truth. Truth doesn't change; only lies do. I think this is a time frame that we all need to acknowledge on a serious level, because everybody can't be joking about the same shit."

-Quotes taken from various interviews on Sonicnet.com

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