As we were walking down the Venice boardwalk, we ventured upon a man, Bill, and his mobile ministry.  Fortunately, we caught him just in time; the sun was setting and he was packing up his belongings for the evening.  We asked Bill if he belonged to a particular church, and he explained that he belonged to one church and that is the Church of God.  After a pleasant discussion with Bill, we decided to head back to campus, the whole time talking about Bill and his ministry.  Where does he fit in?  Finally, we came to the conclusion that he is an Evangelical Christian.  "Evangelicals are those who believe the gospel is to be experienced personally, defined biblically and communicated passionately" (Tidball).  Evangelicals are constantly spreading the good news of the Lord and  trying to convert people who will continue to "grow in their understanding of the Bible and holiness" (Tidball).
The authors of this page are both Catholic and have been made aware of a community of people that we would have otherwise ignored.  We both did not know what an Evangelical Christian was, and yet we can take comfort in certain aspects of their belief system because the Catholic Church is still evolving and there is always something new to learn from groups that have broken off from the mainstream.  It is important to listen to the voices of Christianity.