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Bill Speaks On...Salvation.
"People sometimes look at the Christian life as a kind of thing where they’re gonna have to give something up.  The only things people are gonna have to give up are things that hinder, hurt or destroy their life.  And they’re gonna gain everything.  They’re gonna gain life more abundantly."
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Bill Speaks On...the Bible.
"The reason that God chose the different stories in the Bible was that each one of them is a cure for a social ill."

"God gave us his word and it's in a legal language."

"As the Bible says in John 14, 'Lovers of the truth seek the truth.'  We have the spirit of truth.  'If you love me, you will keep my commandments.'"

Bill Speaks On...the Christian Church.
"The thing about society with so many churches is that you associate with so many 'isms.'  [When asked what church I belong to, I answer that] this is God’s church.  Religion is rituals and traditions of men.  There’s only one church and that’s what the world doesn’t understand."

"What God wants is to have a personal relationship with Him and a faith in that relationship.  We that all love and know God and believe in that one spirit and that one mind and that singleness of heart – we are one Church.  The Church that believes what the Bible says. And he tells us very plainly in the prophecies that he will call his people from every nation, every tribe and tongue."

Bill Speaks On...Government.
"We’ve been given the gift of government.  Government should be run by Christians.  Real Christians.  Men that would work for free.  The Church doesn’t send out a tax slip every month, but survives on its own, free.  People would want to contribute to something they believe in."

Bill Speaks On...Millennial Madness.
"How cold the hearts of men have grown.  I thought the discernment of the times would quicken people’s hearts so they would seek for the truth, but I found right the opposite seemed to be happening, at least in this venue [Venice]."

Bill Speaks On...Endtimes.
"I believe that we’ve still got a little time to go.  I really do.  There are still some things that we need to do.  As my dad would say, 'We need to get it in gear and go for it.'"

"I think a lot of it is hinged upon us.  There’s a lot of us that are going to be spewed out of his mouth because we’re just lukewarm.  Like pea soup.  Stick it back in the microwave or throw it away.  This is how the world views Christians these days."

"'Let the wicked be wicked still and the righteous be righteous.'  There will be a dividing line.  It will be like the Roman period.  A lot of people will be killed for their faith.  That’s where the cries were coming out from the altar in Revelation."

"The year 2000 could very well be what we’re all waiting for -- believers and Pagans alike.  It really could be.  Because so many things are in place.  If you really get to spending some time studying history, you can see so many things that have fit the prophecies all down throughout the years.  So really, it's like what scripture says, when Jesus was asked in Matthew 24:5, many come to you and say I'm the Christ...and he says "No man knows the day or the hour."

"Like he says, you need to prepare.  That's what we've gotta do.  We need to prepare ourselves and help others to do the same."

Bill Speaks On...Evangelization and Mission.
"It’s the kind of thing I believe everyone should be doing."

"We've gotta live above and beyond in the kind of way that other people see it and say, 'Hey, if he believes it that much, there’s gotta be something to it.  I want some of that.  Teach me what this faith is that he has that he would give his life for.  Who are these people and why do they believe it the way they do?  What's in that for me?  Is that what I'm missing in life?'  And that's the question they all have."

"And a lot of times they see us and we're fleshly, we're sinful, we're inadequate in a lot of ways, and that turns them away, and sadly, we should be changing some of that.  We should offer a little bit more of a spiritual personal than a fleshly person that we do sometimes.  We shouldn't be caught up in that 'carnal man' as much as we do."

"We’re going to have to make a stand.  We’re counted worthy to suffer just as Christ suffered.  And we’ve got suffering to do."

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