Hardly anyone hears the word “cult” and thinks of positive aspects. Therefore in order to successfully create and /or propagate an ideology - in this sense, an emotionally charged conviction about a group of people and their relationship to their natural and supernatural environment - the tenets of that belief system must be pushed by its followers in a totalistic direction. This will, in most cases, occur when the purported beliefs are all-encompassing and extremely ambitious in their claims in order to dominate all aspects of the members' lives. In cases where these tenets have become a reality to a select few there has been created a religious or spiritual movement that can be called a cult. The following is a list of three criteria, which can be applied to any group in order to assess its nature as a legitimate organization or as a cult.

Milieu Control 

Mystical Manipulation

The Demand for Purity


Sacred Science

Loading the Language

Doctrine Over Person

Dispensing of Experience

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