Sun Myung Moon is the founder and leader of a worldwide religious organization called "The Unification Church" and popularly known as "The Moonies". Although publicly, Moon has announced the dissolution of The Unification Church (UC) as an entity, it still maintains a Website on the Web and offices in New York as H.S.A.U.W.C. (The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity) which is the formal name of the UC.

Moon began his ministry in poverty stricken Korea from humble origins and claims a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ at 16 years of age while in prayer on a mountainside in Korea on Easter. He formally registered his church in 1954 in Korea as "The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity". He cultivated followers and public criticism and controversy along the way with accusations that he engaged in sexual relations with his female members in the early days of his church as part of his religious rites. He has been imprisoned numerous times in his life for varying offenses, most recently for tax evasion and forgery in The United States in the late 80's.

He has risen through the controversies and emerged by many accounts, a billionaire business man who has founded hundreds of businesses has invested by his own account over a billion dollars in a money losing but power building Washington Times Newspaper in the nation's capital and is a religious leader who has established The Unification Theological Seminary and maintains churches throughout the world with followers estimated to be 3 million worldwide.

His self proclaimed goal is to replace Democracy throughout the world, which he has stated is a failed system, and turn the world into a Theocracy with himself as the authoritarian dictator. Having proclaimed himself and his wife as The Lord of The Second Advent, or the second coming of Jesus Christ, he believes that ruling the world is his destiny.


He has attracted the most attention for his unusual mass wedding spectacles where tens and possibly hundreds of thousands have been married at the same time. And until recently with Moon choosing the partners by matching them together and then marrying them in football stadiums and other venues. The public goals of the church are humanitarian in nature, but by many accounts Moon is not a humanitarian but a public menace and a threat to democracy with Charges by our own intelligence agencies of bribery and influencing of American politics and elections.

1999 C. MAXIM


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