This aspect of cult life is perhaps the most important facet outside of faith in the belief system itself. This is the method by which the group can grow, spread its message, and ultimately gain respect within society. This notion is exemplified by the Unification Church under the direction of Reverend Moon in which this organization has grown exponentially since its beginnings in the 1960's to a worldwide following of 3,000,000 in 1998. In any cult, this task constitutes most of their efforts and time as it is the primary means of making their message known. There is a particular set of criteria that would make an individual more susceptible to joining a cult and for this reason these aspects of an individual are focused on when a new individual is recruited. This section will give a brief overview of these criterion and will be expanded on in Psychological Aspects and Social Aspects.

Social Factors

Spiritual Factors

Emotional Factors

Recruitment Techniques

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