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Things started changing for people in the latter half of the 1990's. As the human race approached the dawning of the new millennium, the fear of human beings towards the coming of the Apocalypse became more apparent. This is not to assume that these feelings have never existed until now, but that they became more openly prevalent within society. With the impending Y2K bug assumed to be able to end life as we knew it, many people decided to store canned goods and bottled water in the hopes of surviving on their own. Believe us, one of these people is in this very group today (and living quite comfortably, we might add).


Human beings have always held a strange fascination with the unknown, whether it be tales of horror, occurrences of witchcraft, or the force with which Organized Religion entrances most people. As the supposed end of the world came upon us, most looked to the words of a higher power to reach solstice in their lives - most prevalently, the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel as contained within the Bible. By looking towards what was on the other side of ordinary life as we knew it - namely, the salvation of the innocent and the promise of heavenly rewards and eternal life, people began to question what, indeed, was it that brought us here in the first place (Strangely enough, the common obsession with vampirism stems from some of the same beliefs).


The way in which we, as people, feel most free in the expression of our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs has always been best evidenced within the creative arts. In the 16th century, this fear of the end times was tackled by Hans Burgkmair in the form of paintings, while, in the 19th century, Gustave Dore found solace in his woodcuttings. Both artists used the most innovative technique available at the time to imagine what the end of the world would be like as stated in the Christian Apocalyptic texts.


Today we have a new breed of artist, crafting both words and pictures to imagine the ferocity with which the end times will come upon us: the filmmaker. Whether they be brothers, a Frenchman drawing upon a surreal childhood dream, or a pair of college dropouts who once spent their days writing musicals revolving around cannibalism, the fear which the millennium and its self-assuring doom struck in their hearts was captured in the form of artwork. These souls, like those who lived before them, used the most innovative medium available for art today - the feature-length film. In doing so, they reached out not only towards grasping personal fears, but towards the millions who saw these films as well. Whether these images were genuinely effective in altering the normal thought process of the audience or the message was laid by the wayside as subservient humor, all deal with images of a world to come, and inspired thought as to what the approaching millennium would bring. 



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