South Park:

Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

One Students View


When one envisions the theme or genre of apocalyptic film, one may laugh or think that it’s a joke when hearing the title South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. After a closer look one truly discovers a well thought out portrayal of the fear of an upcoming Apocalypse and all that go hand in hand with it.  South Park takes the audience on a journey literally to: The gates of Heaven, to the depths of Hell, and ultimately to site of Armageddon. Again, once the initial shock wears off, it becomes very apparent that South Park tackles the Apocalypse like few other films in the 90’s have dared to.


A common misconception is that the bible has constant references to a figure named the Antichrist. “four beasts arise from the sea, each different than the others (Dan 7:3-8). The first is a lion with wings; The second, a bear with three tusks; The third, a winged leopard with four heads; and lastly, a great beast with iron teeth and ten horns. As the dream continues, a new, smaller horn, which displays eyes and a mouth “speaking arrogantly”, rises from the beast’s skull, ripping out three of the previous horns in the process (7:8). As these creatures die, the words of the “Ancient One” become apparent to Daniel, telling of His “everlasting dominion” and “a kingship… that will never be destroyed”. (7:13-14) This film is no different in that the Anti-Christ in this film takes form as Saddam Hussein.  Hussein plays the pivotal role of Satan’s

minion of darkness. Throughout the film Hussein speaks “arrogantly” as if he is the Prince of Darkness. In one scene in which both Satan and Hussein discuss the final sign of the Apocalypse in which the blood of the innocent touches American soil; Hussein revels over the fact that He will rule for 2 million years. Which is a clear reference to the Tribulation of the war of Armageddon. Furthermore, They continue to discuss how the 3rd war would usher in this period of darkness and how this small town of South Park would serve as home to the great battle between good and evil.


Ultimately, the Great War does not come to pass, but the beginning of such was demonstrated in the final scene of the film. In which the earth splits open and a tornado-like spiral of demons arises from the pits of Hell, out of which come Satan and the eventual savior Kenny. This scene is similar to Book of Revelation “When he opened the Abyss smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. And out of the smoke locusts came down upon the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth (Rev 9:2-3)”.


The issue of Rapture is dealt with through the character of Kenny. Kenny is a fallen soul who finds himself in the pits of Hell after an untimely death.  While wandering through Hell Kenny over hears the conversation between Satan and Hussein dealing with the seven signs of the apocalypse. Kenny attempts to help his friends by appearing to them as an angelic figure in their dreams, to warn them of the evils that lie ahead. After failing to properly relay his message, Kenny takes on a more direct approach. He confronts Satan about his plans and makes an attempt to sway him from his planned course of action. However, Kenny’s words of wisdom finally get across, and are potent enough to make even Satan himself see the errors of his ways. Satan in turn grants

Kenny any one wish he desires. Kenny chooses to bring peace to his hometown instead of asking for a second chance at life. This unselfish choice literally raises Kenny to the heavens as was promised in the scriptures. In the end, the town of South Park is shown to return to a spring-like day in which all is peaceful and right. Friends and enemies alike rejoice together in the defeat of a common enemy. This is a clear allusion to the promise of an everlasting Kingdom of Peace as stated in the book of Revelation, with promises of a New Jerusalem as a reward for faithfulness after death (21: 1-4).


Deuteronomistic Theology preached the idea that if you obey God’s laws, you will be rewarded here on Earth. If you disobeyed these laws, you would be punished. This helped to deter people from breaking the Holy Laws even if it would make their life more bearable; If people were going through hard times, it was not that God was punishing them, but that He was testing them, and they would reap in the benefits if they remained loyal. As it became apparent that the “End Times” were not going to happen immediately, a new way of thought took shape: Apocalyptic Theology, which states that the kingdom which Daniel spoke of will happen not on Earth, but after death. This way of thinking has lasted until even today as an effective way of having people stay in accordance with the Holy Laws.


In conclusion, many would view the selection of South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut on to this page of Apocalyptic Film in the 90’s as an error, but again as the old saying goes, one shouldn’t judge a film by it’s cover. 









Behold, the signs of my reign on earth
are all falling into place!  The fall of
an empire-
He points to an ancient-looking picture of the death of Ceasar.
-The coming of a comet-
He points to a picture of a comet passing by Earth.
....And now....
Satan points to an ancient drawing on the wall. It looks like Terrance 
and Phillip being stabbed in the head.
The seventh sign!  When the blood of
these Canadians touches American soil...
It will be my time to rise!!!!!



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