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The Matrix:

              Official Movie Site – Contains images from the film, updates on box-office and video/DVD sales to date, and has been posting updates for the proposed sequels.

                        The Script – Everything you wanted to hear, but was said a little too fast to compute. Contains the original shooting script written by the Wachowski brothers themselves. (was - no longer online)

                        Call To Action – This person feels that The Matrix is a call for religious reform, and that the movie preaches a rebirth through Christ. In fact, the Webmaster wishes to assist you in doing this – very interesting.

                        Questions Answered – This site hopes to answer any and all answers you might have about the film. Includes dissertation on religious references within the film as well as individual plot devices. (was - no longer online)


South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut:

            Official Movie Site – Learn more about the movie. Includes character profiles, a downloadable trailer for the movie, and interactive games such as Kick The Baby and Cartmangotchi. Not only informative, but fun for the whole family!

                        Official Television Show Site – Features information on upcoming episodes. Offers both an animated and a non-animated site feature (for slower browsers), and yet more fun and games.

                        All You Ever Wanted To Know About South Park (But Were Afraid To Ask) – This fansite includes information on both the movie and the television show, and is updated weekly with the arrival of each new episode. Currently holds over 6,000 images in total, including stills from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. (was - no longer online)

                        The Script – Read at your our risk. The truly original ramblings of Hollywood’s latest odd couple, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, with a “polishing” courtesy of Pam Brady. Strangely enough, this version of the script is supposedly the eighth revision of the original text.


The Fifth Element:

                        Official Movie Site – Offers exclusive interviews with both Director/Writer Luc Besson and the artist who helped create the uniquely futuristic look of the movie, fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Includes pictures, games, a coloring book, downloadable trailers, and much more. From the looks of things, it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it still has great features.

                        Life – This website furthers the view that life is the fifth element referred to throughout the film, although it is never stated. Also includes pictures, a plot summary, and analytical writings on the film. (was - no longer online)

                        It Must Be Found – Another fan-created website. This one features the entire 400 word language which Leeloo speaks in the film, even more pictures, and claims to be the “#1 Fifth Element  site on the web”.

                        The Script – A peak inside the mind of Luc Besson. This features a little-revised draft of the screenplay from 1995 that is remarkably close to what made it onto the movie screen.


The Devil’s Advocate:

                        Official Site – Includes not only pictures, but also interview snippets on why the director and actors decided to make this film. Each “ring” contains quotes about another sin, and many links (as well as quotations) relate to Dante’s Inferno and Paradise Lost by Milton.

                        Devil his Due – Review of the film by Netglimse. Includes a link for the downloadable trailer for the film.

                        The Zone – Includes trivia, quotes, even more pictures, the trailer, links to almost 100 reviews, and even points out a few technical flaws within the film.

Texts / Miscellaneous:

                        Cook, David A.  A History of Narrative Film (Third Ed.)

                                   W.W. Norton & Company: New York, New York  1996

                        The Bible – This site includes a searchable text of the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Also includes study group notes, prophecy charts, and an e-mail newsletter.



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