Nobody Knows All the Answers…

Or Do They?

The Matrix:


Is the world we live in now God’s promised land? Why or why not?


Cypher states “ignorance is bliss”. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?


At one point in the film, Agent Smith claims that the AI tried to make

the cities contained within the matrix paradise, but the humans

rejected this image. Why might this be true?


Many websites make analogies between Neo and Jesus Christ. Can you come

up with any evidence from the film that would either support or

refute this opinion?


South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut:


       South Park plays upon the idea that Saddam Hussein has been characterized by many as the devil. The same has been true in different parts of time for Ronald Regan and Michael Gorbechev, among others. What is it about world leaders that inspire this analogy?


     Would you, after reading the information on this page, view South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut as an apocalyptic film? Why or why not?


     In South Park, the character of Kenny ensures the survival of the world before being taken into Heaven. Would this be considered the rapture of Kenny? Why or Why not?


     Which aspect, if either, would inspire you to avoid the movie: the use of curse words, or the violent sequences? Why?


The Fifth Element:


     In The Fifth Element, the savior figure is a female. Do you think that this view might offend some people, or even yourself? Why or why not?


     At the same time, a man repeatedly saves the female savior. Do you think that this fact undermines any claims the film would have towards the empowerment of females? Why or why not?


     Many people claim that the fifth element is life. What do you think the fifth element is and why?


     According to published interviews, Luc Besson came up with the basic story for The Fifth Element when he was a young boy. Do you think that this added to the fairy tale like feel of the movie? Do you think a full-grown adult would come up with the same type of idea? Why?


The Devil’s Advocate:


     If the Devil lived among us, what profession do you think he would most likely hold? Why?


Who do you think pays more attention to people as individuals, God or the Devil? Why?


     We all agree that God and the Devil hold a tremendous amount of power over us as human beings. Who do you believe holds more and why?


     Most talk about the apocalypse features God ending the world. Do you believe that the Devil could do the same thing? Why?


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