Superman is the story of a young child send by his father Jor-el, the leader of the planet Krypton, to earth.  The child is raised in the Midwest by loving parents who accept his amazing powers and try to make him feel normal.  He leaves home for New York City and there lives two different lives.  One as a quiet reporter, but he also feels the need to become Superman and save people from danger and catch criminals.  His test comes when millionaire Lex Luther, who lives underground, tries to destroy California in order to up property value.  Superman ends up breaking a promise to his father in order to save Lois Lane, the woman he loves.

Socio-Historical Context

This movie was made in 1978 as the eighties, a decade of greed and moral decay, were drawing near.  Superman acts as an opposing force, by offering a role model who is morally sound.  The movie tries to demonstrate that humans can act good and evil, but that goodness is the correct way to succeed.  He fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  Lex Luther embodies the typical business man who would sacrifice millions of people to make billions of dollars out of property sales.  It also shows a rich man who only wants to become richer and greedier.

The Man of Steel
Superman was also made while to Cold War was in full swing.  Although only small mentions of Communists are made, the nuclear fear is very visible in the film.  Lex Luther launches missiles to destroy the state of California.  At the time this was a very real threat to Americans and something they could identify with.

Connections to the Book of Revelation
The story of Superman is very much like the messiah mentioned in Revelation.  He is the son of a god who is sent to earth as a teacher.  Although in the end he disobeys his father and ends up interfering with human matters, his presence is what is important.  He is the virtuous man who leads humanity towards the good and punishes the bad.  His father says the people "lack the light" and that his son must lead them.
Another theme in this movie that relates to Revelation is that of judgment.  The movie starts off with Superman's father (a god) placing a sentence on three criminals.  He traps them eternally in a cell that drifts through space.  The idea that once you are judged you can never go back is very visible in the Bible.  That is why Superman must convince people to be good in life because by the time you are judged it is too late to turn yourself around.

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