Apocalyptic Imagination in Cinema
by Matt Jillson and Mandy Gibson

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We are both students at Loyola Marymount University who are taking a class dealing with the new millennium.  A common theme throughout the class has been the notion of the apocalyptic imagination.  We think that all people who have lived through the nineties have developed some picture in their minds about what the end of the world will be like.  Both of us got our first notions from the many movies we had seen as children. We have broadened our understanding of the apocalyptic imagination by learning from other examples in the Bible and contemporary social settings.  The Book of Revelation seems to be a blueprint for Science-Fiction movies as well as many apocalyptic social movements.  We feel that the movies listed below illustrate the influence of the Book of Revelation and the socio-historical setting on the filmmaker's development and portrayal of the apocalypse.
Title Director Year
Metropolis Fritz Lang 1926
Things to Come William Cameron Menzies 1936
Superman Richard Donner 1978

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The Millennium Cometh: Apocalypse and Utopia in Bible, Sociology and Literature
THST 398.01 / SOCL 398.01 / ENGL 598.01
Instructors: John Coleman, S.J., Felix Just, S.J., Holli Levitsky
Loyola Marymount University
Spring 2000