Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program / Programa de Ministerios Eclesiales para Laicos
LEMP / PMEL – Diocese of Las Vegas (2008-2010)

Final Projects and Presentations – Spring 2010

As the culmination of our two-year program, each person is required to plan and participate in some type of practical pastoral project in or for your parish (or on the diocesan level), and to give a presentation about this group project at our final meeting on Saturday, May 15, 2010.

You may form your own teams of two to three persons.  Each member of the team must play a significant role in planning and implementing the project, and in the final presentation.

The projects should be practical and pastoral (not just academic), but also reasonable in size and scope (don’t try to do too much)!  Plan a project that can actually be done in the Spring of 2010 (or at least started, and continuing into the future, as appropriate).

The presentations in May 2010 should be pastoral and theological (drawing on resources and reflection). Prepare some printed handouts, PowerPoints, or other audio-visual materials.  [Each team’s presentation should only be 20 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. - SEE BELOW FOR REVISED TIMETABLE]


Dec. 2009 – Form your teams; submit a list of team members (with contact info) and the project topic; begin to plan.
Feb. 2010 – Each team submits a detailed plan of the full project (see #4 below): who, what, when, where, how, etc.
April 2010 – Each team submits an outline and timetable (just one page) of your group’s presentation for May.
May 2010 – Group Presentations about your Final Projects (see exact schedule below).

Possible Topics for Parish-Based Projects:

NOTE: Other topics may also be proposed; the following are just a few suggestions:

  • Scripture Study Program
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Outreach to Divorced Catholics
  • Christian Service Programs
  • Follow-Up to the RCIA
  • Community Organizing
  • Vocations Promotion
  • Hospital Ministries
  • Social Justice Programs
  • Pro-Life Issues
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Models of a Multicultural Parish
  • Issues in Ethnic Ministries
  • Stewardship (Sharing Time, Talent, Treasure)
  • Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons
  • Catholic Charities as a Parish Resource
  • Parish Liturgical Planning
  • Resources and Opportunities for Spiritual Growth
  • Detention Ministries in Las Vegas Diocese
  • Apostolic Movements in the Las Vegas Diocese
  • Ministry to and with HIV Victims
  • Catholic Media Project

Developing Your Project and Presentation:

  1. SELECT one of the above topics or propose another one that interests your team.

  2. ANALYZE the topic in terms of the Pastoral Circle (See—Judge—Act)

  1. REFLECT on the issue, need, or area of pastoral life, that you are considering from the point of view of pertinent theological sources such as Sacred Scripture, the Tradition (teachings and practices of the Church), and the Magisterium (statements of Popes, Councils, and/or Bishops). What courses of the LEMP program offered content, light, inspiration, insight, or helps for responding to this reality? Briefly mention your sources.

  2. PLAN some activity, program, or project that responds to the needs you have identified and reflected upon.  Be as specific as possible:  WHAT exactly is being proposed?  WHO will carry it out?  WHERE will it take place?  WHEN will it happen (timeline)?  What competent authorities (Pastor, Bishop, DRE, etc.) need to be involved?  How will the community be prepared for this?  Are there public relations issues?  Is there need for special funding?  How will it be evaluated?  etc.
    You may also describe how an existing activity or program already responds to a specific need or opportunity related to your chosen topic.  Explain how it does this, answering the same set of questions (Who, What, When, Where, etc.), and proposing how it will be improved, strengthened, or expanded by your team’s project.

Suggestions for the Presentation:


Note: NEW TIMING of Presentations in May:

Time Team Members Topic
9:00 . Morning Prayer & Announcements .
9:30 1 David Walker, Mary Walker RCIA Mystagogia
10:05 2 Ed Ackerman, Rommel Bartlett, Billie Jean Telles NFP Awareness Week
10:50 . break .
11:00 3 Donna Thorson, Lydia Wiltse, third person God's Stew / La Sopa de Dios
11:45 4 Deanna Massiello, Vincent Murone Catholic Social Teaching in the Parish
12:20 . LUNCH BREAK .
1:20 5 Yolanda Diaz, Linda Niles Catholic Charities Outreach in St. Anne Church
1:55 6 Vicky Garcia, Warren McDonald, Ernie Panlilio Marriage Preparation Ministry
2:40 . break .
2:50 7 Rick Blanc, Nancy Harkess, Glenda Hoagland, Kathy Anderson New Beginnings
3:45 8 Sean Davis, Sam Douglas, Joseph Kedra, Aruna Silva Advanced Baptismal Preparation for Unique Situations
4:40 . Gather for Evening Prayer .


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For Academic Aspects, please contact

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